translating Python to Assembler

James Matthews nytrokiss at
Wed Jan 23 01:31:51 CET 2008

The reason you were finding a Python Debugger when looking for the PDB
files is because PDB is Python DeBugger! Also why would you be looking
for a PDB file if you can read the C source!

On Jan 22, 2008 11:55 PM, Wim Vander Schelden <wim at> wrote:
> Python modules and scripts are normally not even compiled, if they have
> been,
> its probably just the Python interpreter packaged with the scripts and
> resources.
> My advice is that if you want to learn Python, is that you just read a book
> about
> it or read only resources. Learning Python from assembler is kind of...
> strange.
> Not only are you skipping several generations of programming languages,
> spanned
> over a period of 40 years, but the approach to programming in Python is so
> fundamentally different from assembler programming that there is simply no
> reason
> to start looking at if from this perspective.
> I truly hope you enjoy the world of high end programming languages, but
> treat them
> as such. Looking at them in a low-level representation or for a low-level
> perspective
> doesn't bear much fruits.
> Kind regards,
> Wim
> On 1/22/08, over at <over at> wrote:
> > My expertise, if any, is in assembler. I'm trying to understand Python
> > scripts and modules by examining them after they have been
> > disassembled in a Windows environment.
> >
> > I'm wondering if a Python symbols file is available. In the Windows
> > environment, a symbol file normally has a PDB extension. It's a little
> > unfortunate that Python also uses PDB for its debugger. Google, for
> > whatever reason, wont accept queries with dots, hyphens, etc., in the
> > query line. For example a Google for "python.pdb" returns +python
> > +pdb, so I get a ridiculous number of returns referring to the python
> > debugger. I have mentioned this to Google several times, but I guess
> > logic isn't one of their strong points.  :-)
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> >
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