Python too slow?

Paul Boddie paul at
Tue Jan 15 12:40:54 CET 2008

On 15 Jan, 08:33, "Jaimy Azle" <ja... at> wrote:
> perhaps in the future another sillly point could be added also, Java has
> Jython, while Python doesn't have some thing like PyJava or... perhaps Py-va
> (Python based Java Language).

You could compile Java to CPython bytecode or, in the case of a little
experiment I did some time ago, translate Java bytecode to CPython
bytecode: the CPython virtual machine operates at a higher level and
can support the Java instructions fairly easily, whereas a fair amount
of work is required to support CPython instructions on the Java
virtual machine. I found that the biggest obstacle was probably
treating Java packages like Python packages - something which
admittedly isn't completely necessary, but which would make the thing
more usable at the prompt. Ultimately, I had little need for Java-
based software and thus wasn't motivated into continuing the work,
although Python 2.5 and beyond do provide some conveniences which
might make some aspects of the implementation more bearable.

Given that other languages (eg. Logix [2], various Lisp dialects) have
been implemented for CPython, I think your point could be better



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