paging in python shell

Alex K spaceoutlet at
Sat Jan 26 11:26:37 CET 2008

That seems interesting but it's not quite what I want to do. To take
an example I would like to be able to do something similar to the
mysql shell when its pager is set to less. Displayhook is called
whenever an expression is being evaluated. I'd like to call 'less' on
the ouput of a statement.


On 26/01/2008, gagsl-py2 at <gagsl-py2 at> wrote:
> --- Alex K <spaceoutlet at> escribió:
> > Thank you for this interesting tip. However I'm not
> > sure to know how
> > to use it. It seems pydoc.pager('text') just pages
> > the text passed in.
> > How do I actually make the python shell use a
> > different pager?
> I'm unsure of what you want. Do you want the print
> statement, inside the Python interpreter, to page its
> output? Write a function to page the output the way
> you like, and assign it to sys.displayhook (see
> )
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