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Tue Jan 15 22:48:32 CET 2008

that is correct, you can work several version of python in same machine.
When you execute some script you only need redirect %PATH% and

2008/1/15, noel at <noel at>:
> Hi,
> We are windows shop with some unix servers as well. We run 2.4.1 and
> want to begin migrating  to 2.5.1. I am looking for information
> dealing with having more than one version of python on a server at one
> time. I believe this is called side-by-side and all that is needed to
> select a version on a windows box is to set the path to the desired
> version of python prior to launching the script.
> Does this sound correct?
> Is there doc online that describes this?
> For windows, has anyone come up with a way to have the script launch
> the correct version at load time - similar to the she-bang method used
> in unix?
> Thanks
> Noel
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