Python's great, in a word

alain alainpoint at
Mon Jan 7 14:41:12 CET 2008

On Jan 7, 2:09 pm, MartinRineh... at wrote:
> I'm a Java guy who's been doing Python for a month now and I'm
> convinced that
> 1) a multi-paradigm language is inherently better than a mono-paradigm
> language
> 2) Python writes like a talented figure skater skates.
> Would you Python old-timers try to agree on a word or two that
> completes:
> The best thing about Python is _______.
> Please, no laundry lists, just a word or two. I'm thinking "fluid" or
> "grace" but I'm not sure I've done enough to choose.

Paraphrasing Steve Jobs but in this context:
PYTHON = a bycycle for the mind

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