PyGTK, Glade, and ComboBoxEntry.append_text()

Greg Johnston greg.johnston at
Wed Jan 23 16:41:47 CET 2008

On Jan 21, 5:44 pm, Greg Johnston <greg.johns... at> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm a relative newbie to Python (switched over from Scheme fairly
> recently) but I've been usingPyGTKand Glade to create an interface,
> which is a combo I'm very impressed with.
> There is, however, one thing I've been wondering about. It doesn't
> seem possible to modifyComboBoxEntrychoice options on the fly--at
> least with append_text(), etc--because they were not created with
> gtk.combo_box_entry_new_text(). Basically, I'm wondering if there's
> any way around this.
> Thank you,
> Greg Johnston

P.S. If anyone reads this later wondering how to do it, all you need
to do is "prime" the ComboBoxEntry with a blank entry in Glade. You
can then use append_text(), insert_text(), etc. on the object, as well
as remove_text(0) to get rid of your blank entry.

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