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-On [20080107 09:51], Hita Vora (hvora at wrote:
>I have a dataset which has about 3000 subjects in it.  I  take each subject
>and perform 3 to 4 geoprocessing tasks on it.  Currently I have a model where
>I manually feed in each subject's ID and then the rest of the process is
>automated.  I would like to automate the process such that it would
>automatically select another subject after the process has been completed on
>a specfic subject.  ie to repeat the same process on each of the IDs.

Well, hopefully I understood you correctly, but if we assume that the dataset
is a simple list you can iterate over it as thus:

for subject in dataset:

Dictionaries and other datatypes have similar means to construct an iterator.

Is this a bit what you want to achieve?

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