looking for a light weighted library/tool to write simple GUI above the text based application

petr.jakes.tpc at gmail.com petr.jakes.tpc at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 20:43:40 CET 2008

I am working with the Python 2.5 running on the command line version
of Linux Ubuntu 7.04. This means NO X-windows, NO GTK/Gnome, NO
computer mouse, on my machine (AMD Geode 500MHz CPU, VGA output).

I would like to write some really light weighted GU interface. My
concept is to have just few user screens (about 10) controlled via 4
or 5 HW buttons connected to the GPIO pins they are available on the
motherboard (the HW design and the SW concept of reading this buttons
is already solved).

After some googling, I have found below mentioned can be usable, but
first, I would like to ask here for your opinions/experiences/advices.

Best regards

Petr Jakes


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