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> My expertise, if any, is in assembler. I'm trying to
> understand Python scripts and modules by examining them after
> they have been disassembled in a Windows environment.

You can't dissassemble them, since they aren't ever converted
to assembler and assembled.  Python is compiled into bytecode
for a virtual machine (either the Java VM or the Python VM or
the .NET VM).

> I'm wondering if a Python symbols file is available.

You're way off track.

> In the Windows environment, a symbol file normally has a PDB
> extension. It's a little unfortunate that Python also uses PDB
> for its debugger. Google, for whatever reason, wont accept
> queries with dots, hyphens, etc., in the query line. For
> example a Google for "python.pdb" returns +python +pdb, so I
> get a ridiculous number of returns referring to the python
> debugger. I have mentioned this to Google several times, but I
> guess logic isn't one of their strong points.  :-)

Trying to find assembly language stuff to look at is futile.
Python doesn't get compiled into assembly language.

If you want to learn Python, then read a book on Python.

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