how to split text into lines?

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Wed Jul 30 22:45:57 CEST 2008

In <g6qjmc$f2o$1 at> kj <socyl at> writes:

>In Perl, one can break a chunk of text into an array of lines while
>preserving the trailing line-termination sequence in each line, if
>any, by splitting the text on the regular expression /^/:

>  DB<1> x split(/^/, "foo\nbar\nbaz")
>0  'foo
>1  'bar
>2  'baz'

>But nothing like this seems to work in Python:

>>>> re.split('^', 'foo\nbar\nbaz')

>(One gets the same result if one adds the re.MULTILINE flag to the
>re.split call.)

>What's the Python idiom for splitting text into lines, preserving
>the end-of-line sequence in each line?

Sorry, I should have googled this first.  I just found splitlines()...

Still, for my own edification, is there a way to achieve the same
effect using re.split?



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