The Importance of Terminology's Quality

Josef Moellers josef.moellers at
Tue Jul 22 11:56:41 CEST 2008

Martin Gregorie wrote:

> Are you sure about that? 

> I used Algol 60 on an Elliott 503 and the ICL 1900 series back when it was
> a current language. The term "thunking" did not appear in either compiler
> manual nor in any Algol 60 language definition I've seen. A60 could pass
> values by name or value and procedures by name. That was it. Call by name
> is what is now referred to as reference passing.

Are you sure about that? ;-)

AFAIK "Call by name" is *not* the same as passing an argument by 
reference. With "call by name" you can implement this wonderful thing 
called "Jensen's Device", which you cannot do when you pass parameters 
by reference!

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