Problems with curses

Clay Hobbs clay at
Sun Jul 13 02:49:56 CEST 2008

	I am making a text-based game similar to Zork with Python.  I have
decided to use the curses module, and have run into a problem.  I want
to scroll the commands and output up after a command is run instead of
clearing the screen.  But when I use std.scroll(), an exception is
raised.  Here is the program:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import curses
import curses.wrapper

def main(stdscr):
    stdscr.setscrreg(1, 24)
    score = 0
    moves = 0
    statusbar = stdscr.subwin(2, 80, 0, 0)
    statusbar.addstr(0, 0, 'Dingo'+' '*(58-len('Dingo'))+'Score: %03d
Moves: %03d'%(score, moves), curses.A_REVERSE)
    stdscr.addstr(24, 0, '> ')
    x = stdscr.getstr(24, 2)
    x = str(x)
#    stdscr.erase()
    statusbar.addstr(0, 0, x+' '*(58-len(x))+'Score: %03d  Moves: %
03d'%(score, moves), curses.A_REVERSE)
    stdscr.addstr(24, 0, '> ')
    stdscr.getstr(24, 2)


	Unfortunately, the error message isn't very helpful.  I'm just hoping
somebody out there knows curses and has the answer.

-- Ratfink

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