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I am designing a simple image cropper which simply takes an image and use PIL to do the cropping.Now in order to do the cropping I simply draw a rectangle on the image by dragging the mouse over the image.I then use button press and button release events to find the mouse postition and send across the tuple to PIL  .Everything works fine but what I need is a way to show the user a dotted rectangle as he drags across the mouse as in every other standard image editor.I have learnt that using gnomecanvas will do that but given my time constraints and the lack of a tutorial on pygtk ,I used gtk.image + event box to do the above.

Can someone point to using gnomecanvas in the following directions:
1.Load an image into the canvas from file as well as pixbuf.
2.Draw a dotted rectangle
3.Fire and capture mouse events
4.Use PIL 

I basically want to know about point 2. Also,will implementing cairo be easy on glade and pygtk?


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