How can i use a variable without define it ?

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Wed Jul 16 05:06:56 EDT 2008

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> zhw <weizhonghua.... at> writes:
> > How can i use a variable without define it ?
> What do you mean by "use"? That's so vague I can think of many
> possible interpretations.
> What do you mean by "variable"? That term carries a lot of baggage
> that doesn't apply in Python.
> Can you give a small, complete example that demonstrates the issue
> you're trying to solve?
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Thank you! Sorry for my poor english!

Here is a example that I want to complete:
>>> import sys, new
>>> context={"name":"david", "sex":"male"}
>>> sys.modules["foo"] = new.module("foo")
>>> import foo
>>> for attr in context:
	setattr(foo, attr, context[attr])

>>> def bar():
        # here is a error
        # import * only allowed at module level
	from foo import *
        print name, sex
>>> bar()

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