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Stef Mientki stef.mientki at
Wed Jul 23 10:58:39 CEST 2008


I'm looking for a way to remove duplicate code.
The problem is this:
In all my modules I've version information,
containing version information, date, author, testconditions etc,
something like this:

Version_Text = [
[ 0.2, '10-02-2008', 'Stef Mientki',
'Test Conditions:', (1,2),
_(0, """
   - scaling and offset is set for each individual signal
   - Time history window for 1 signal with min/max display
   - set attributes for all signals at once
""") ],

[ 0.1, '04-11-2007', 'Stef Mientki',
'Test Conditions:', (1,),
    - orginal release
""" ]

Now I've made modules that can generate docs, a library manager, etc,
and that even in different languages.

But for the simple case I would like to have a simple function, which 
just displays the version number.
So in each module, there is a function:

def version () :
  return ( version_text [0] [0] )

But is there a way to avoid the placing of this function "version" in 
each module,
and still use a simple call like:

Stef Mientki

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