error with configure (svn 64857)

Mathieu Prevot mathieu.prevot at
Fri Jul 11 12:43:04 CEST 2008

2008/7/11 "Martin v. Löwis" <martin at>:
>> Thank you Martin. How can I remove -lgcc_s and use the Intel equivalent ?
> I'm not so sure that there is anything wrong in configure. configure
> doesn't pass -lgcc_s to icc; instead, icc is making this up on its
> own. So I would guess you need to get libgcc_s onto you system in a
> way that the linker finds it. Else you need to read the icc
> documentation (but I'm fairly sure that icc is *required* to link
> with libgcc_s, for interoperability with gcc-compiled binaries).
> I'm somewhat puzzled that the wchar_t test is the one where it
> crashes; this test comes fairly late, and configure has run multiple
> compiler invocations before that.
> Can you build any binaries at all with your icc installation?

Yes of course, I successfuly built and installed nmap, wget, so I
thought there was something in the python configure process.

If didn't investigate everything but I solved the problem by adding
the "-static-libgcc" option:

CFLAGS="-w -static-intel -static-libgcc"

I think one should commit changes so configure can manage this. I can
I want to help for further diagnosis or improvement. Also it seems
-Wall will be deprecated, and usually we use -w:

       -w<n>  Control diagnostics, where <n> is one of the following:

                 0 -- Display errors (same as -w)

                 1 -- Display warnings and errors (default)

                 2 -- Display remarks, warnings, and errors


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