Python embedding question (2).

Thomas Troeger thomas.troeger.ext at
Thu Jul 17 15:57:51 CEST 2008

> I'd say that PyGame could be a solution.
> Or otherwise you could do your own audio/graphics programming (you don't 
> tell us which OS you use, but there exist python modules that allow you 
> to do barebones graphics & sound programming on linux...).

After some more reading I've stumbled over pyglet. Any experiences with 
it? It seems it does a lot of cool things, if anyone has used it more 
intensely I'd be happy to hear if the following things can be done:

- Linux framebuffer (16, 24 bpp) display of 2d graphics with overlays 
(i.e. menues, contextual areas that pop up etc.). I don't have X on the 
embedded device, just the regular framebuffer.
- alpha blending of several layers.
- rendering of TTF fonts and unicode, for example display of arabic text 
(which renders from right to left) and mixed text support like in the 
unicode bidirectional algorithm.
- hardware caching of bitmaps for faster graphics operations (needed for 
tool tips or similar tasks).

I'll try to find that out myself (I'm pretty excited about the thing 
already ^^), but I'd be happy to hear of people who have used it already.


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