Amazon: "Practical Django Projects" by James Bennett (June 2008)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Jul 17 11:09:24 CEST 2008

Stefan Scholl wrote:

> And by the way: The quote was changed by deleting something on
> the same line:
>         "June 2008 is a bit too early. Django isn't ready."
>                 vs.
>         "Django isn't ready."

Is this a language issue?  That you meant to write "django 1.0 isn't 
done" (as in "completed; finished") but accidentally wrote "django isn't 
ready" (where "ready" is usually read as "completely prepared or in fit 
condition for immediate action or use")?

(and the "stable release" and "much will change" stuff is pure FUD, of 
course.  what competing project will I find if I google your name?)


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