FOSS projects exhibiting clean/good OOP?

paul paul at
Tue Jul 15 11:37:57 CEST 2008

Phillip B Oldham schrieb:
> Thanks all - lots to go through there! :D
> I'd heard previously that Trac was a nice example, or rather its core
> was, but I'd also heard that there were lots of problems with it and
> that they were redeveloping it from scratch?
They continually improve parts of it, but I don't know of any severe 
problems whatsoever. Yes people are moaning about lack of multi-project 
support but that was a design decision way back.

 From a programming POV, I highly recommend looking at the source. The 
component model looks simple but is very powerful. It's also a good 
example how code benefits from interfaces wrt. structuring and 


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