imap4_SSL from behind a proxy server

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Thu Jul 3 20:46:47 CEST 2008

Dave schrieb:
> First to admit I'm a newbie at Python, IMAP, or SSL.  And it's been a
> long time since I've posted anything to a Usenet group.  But I've
> spent countless hours spinning my wheels on this one, so I thought I'd
> ask for help.
> I'm trying write some Python code to connect to Gmail from work, where
> I need to direct all non-HTTP traffic through a proxy server.  Can
> anyone provide syntax which would redirect the imap4_SSL method
> through a proxy server:port?  I suspect there are some environment
> variables which, when set, will do this very easily and elegantly.  I
> also suspect there is a really complicated way to 'wrap' the imap
> classes so as to force requests to go through a proxy which, as a
> newbie, I am trying to avoid.
> FYI, I'm currently running Python 2.5.2. via IDLE on Windows XP.  But
> when this project is done, I will move it to Linux.

AFAIK that's simply not possible. Proxying that is not transparent is 
only (for practical matters, there might be esoteric protocols that do 
that as well) defined for HTTP. So "I need to direct all non-HTTP 
traffic through a proxy server." does not make much sense - at least to me.

In other words: there is no such thing as general proxying, and thus no 
support in any library e.g. imaplib or such.

Do you have an example of an application (e.g. mailclient or such) that 
*does* support the above scenario?


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