pyparsing problem

name x at y.z
Tue Jul 1 16:33:16 CEST 2008

Paul McGuire <ptmcg at> wrote in news:be7af822-70d7-44fb-96fa-
78b490192334 at

> Looks like this is a bug in asXML().  Note that if I reverse the use
> and host_name strings in the input and in your grammar, I get this XML
> output:
> <Hosts>
>   <ITEM>host-01</ITEM>
>   <use>generic</use>
>   <alias>host alias xyz</alias>
>   <ip_address></ip_address>
> </Hosts>
> Fortunately, you have provided a nice short test case, which should
> allow me to track down the problem.
> Thanks,
> -- Paul

You are welcome! And I would like to thank you for this outstanding tool!


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