Attack a sacred Python Cow

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Thu Jul 24 23:34:38 CEST 2008

On Jul 24, 11:43 am, Bruno Desthuilliers
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> Jordan a écrit :
> >> I don't really mind, what you think about my response.  Python will suffer
> >> from it as little as it will suffer from your complaints:  These things
> >> will not change, whatever any of us says about them.  So this discussion
> >> unlikely to produce any new insight, especially because this as been
> >> discussed over and over again in the past, without any effect on Python.  
> > You're right, of course. Because Python is in so many ways what I'm
> > looking for in a language, I transform it in my mind to my own,
> > personal ideal, close to the real existing language but with what I
> > consider to be the imperfections removed.
> I guess you'll find a lot of us guilty here too - but do we really agree
> on what we consider to be "imperfections" ?-)
> (snip)
> > I was trying not to change explicit self, or even != (which has a much
> > better case.) I was trying to ask the community to reconsider a
> > premise that the language is built around. Explicit is actually kinda
> > annoying a lot of the time, viz., java. This is about social and
> > philosophical adjustments, not technical ones.
> "explicit-is-etc" - just like the remaining of Python's zen - is a
> general philosophy statement, not an absolute rule. Another quote states
> that practicality beats purity.
> So yes, Python has warts, and one can't get away dogmatically quoting
> Python's zen. Even if I'm sometimes myself guilty here, it's certainly
> worth taking time to better address criticism, either by aknowledging
> effective warts when someone points them out or by explaining (or
> pointing to explanations of) the unusual parts of Python's design.
> Now since most of the times, criticisms expressed here fall in the
> second category, we're happy to learn you'll now take appropriate action
> here and help us keep a newbie-friendly place !-)

Something that is pure and explicit is a conflict of priorities with
something that is practical and implicit.  As with any rules, there
are going to be times when the priorities in the Zen conflict with one
another, and the Zen is silent on which combination ranks higher.

Some people will hate you for using 'sf' instead of 'self'... but some
hate you for spelling errors too.  A temper lost is a flamewar earned.

If you post two equivalent code snippets that both work, we can help
you compare them.

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