Bypassing WebFilter security

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Sat Jul 12 18:42:18 CEST 2008

>> >> I am working in an organization, which is using a very strict
>> >> webcontent filter management suite. Due to this i am unable to
>> >> download any exe file, or surf web (even the necessary downloads from
>> >> sourceforgenet are blocked). I was wondering, if python could be of
>> >> any help. Say i have a python script, and i pass the URL of
>> >> downloadable file, and it just downloads the file for me.
>> > Nice try. Can I talk to your employer for a minute? :)
>> > Honestly, the language doesn't make any difference here, and there isn't
>> > much
>> > you can do unless you control both sides, i.e. the server and the
>> > client.
>> > But
>> > I would suggest you actually talk to your employer yourself to see if
>> > there's
>> > an official way to get what you want.
>> Yes, the language itself doesn't matter as long as you go through the
>> web. But if I were you I would use an ssh client to ssh to a remote
>> machine on which I have an account, download the file there to that
>> machine and scp it to the local machine. Assuming of course port 21 is
>> not blocked.
>> In fact, this is something I do regularly for similar reasons :)
>> Good luck,
>> Daniel
>> --
>> Psss, psss, put it down! -
> Daniel, cool even i thought of the same thing, but you see, the
> assumption has no use in my case! It is also blocked, Anyways, i will
> talk to the system admins here. Thanks all

Wait, port 21 is the *incoming* ssh port, when you use a client to ssh
*out* you open a generic high port number. So that should work, you
ssh out, download, go back to your local machine and scp out to get
the file. On your local machine port 21 is not needed simply because
you don't run an ssh server.

Good luck,
Psss, psss, put it down! -

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