C++ or Python

Maria R Maria.Reinhammar at accalon.com
Tue Jul 1 15:34:36 CEST 2008

On Jun 28, 12:22 am, Kurda Yon <kurda... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I would like to know what are advantages of Python in comparison with C
> ++? In which cases and why Python can be a better tool than C++?
> Thank you!

Back in 2002, we made a hard decision between c++ (well established
here) java (not as mature back then) and python (completely new to my
The task was to do a complete rewrite of our control software running
our fully automatic pallet conveyor systems.
The architecture is three-tier; host (not our system), service with
GUI (com uppwards and downwards plus supporting the operators of the
plant) and PLC nearest the el-mech.

We decided to go for python since we always could fallback on ansi c
in case of performance issues.

We have today no regretted this!
We have extended the architecure since with handhelds and they are
programmed with java due to lack of proper python possibilities (at
the time).
We have further programmed code generatord for the PLC code.
and so on.. :o)

Sure, c++ could have been used but not at the effort(lessness) we now

Mu 2 cents//Maria

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