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Sun Jul 13 17:11:56 CEST 2008

rickman wrote:
> On Jul 12, 9:21 am, Scott in SoCal <scottenazt... at> wrote:
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>> rickman <gnu... at> wrote:
>>> spam
>> *PLONK!*
> I love the way that people who plonk others feel the need to inform
> everyone of it.  That ranks up there with, "I know what you are, but
> what am I?"

That's one interpretation, likely not the plonkers but supportable by reasoning.

Another supportable interpretation is that it both does the offender the 
courtesy of notification so that they get one last chance to reconsider their 
behavior, and suggests to the community at large that they follow suit.  So a 
public "plonk" is actually a service both to the troll/spammer/innocent victim 
of slander and to the larger newsgroup community.


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