Arne Vajhøj arne at
Sun Jul 13 18:59:40 CEST 2008

> rickman wrote:
>> I love the way that people who plonk others feel the need to inform
>> everyone of it.  That ranks up there with, "I know what you are, but
>> what am I?"
> It is a matter of basic politeness and common courtesy.  Without the
> plonk, the killfiled poster is left hanging in the wind, wasting his
> time writing responses that will never be read.
> If you were talking with a blind man, would you silently creep
> out of the room leaving him talking to the walls, or would you
> be polite and excuse yourself before leaving?

I think most people will want to be polite to a blind.

I very much doubt that the same applies to usenet posters
they want to plonk.


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