Naming conventions for regular variables

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mk <mrkafk at> writes:

> "Function Names
> Function names should be lowercase, with words separated by
> underscores     as necessary to improve readability."
> However, this PEP does not recommend any particular style for naming
> regular (local) variables.

Yes, it does: "Method Names and Instance Variables" applies. Any
object that isn't a class is an "instance", to be named according to
that section.

> Personally I like "mixedCase"

Nothing in PEP 8 allows mixedCase (except for the rare degenerate case
where you're constrained to closely follow an existing naming
convention). It's always TitleCase or lowercase, with or without

> Naming both functions and variables using "lowercase with underscore
> separator between words for readability" leads to confusing function
> names with variable names - and distinguishing between variables and
> function names just by looking at them would be nice.

Functions are first-class objects in Python, and many non-function
objects are callable. So, such an arbitrary distinction wouldn't be

It's more sensible to distinguish by *usage*: is it being called or

> Recommendations?

Follow PEP 8, including the avoidance of mixedCase.

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