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Fri Jul 18 19:33:52 CEST 2008

well, I'm in the beginings of making a random sentence generator for a mod my friend makes, but I want the nouns, verbs pastverbs, etc. to be easily customizable by editing a file, but, last night file() worked fine and today it's saying " line 1: `read_who = file('who.ini', 'r')'"

here's what I have so far, but for reference it's possible I'm just being an idiot because I'm very new to Python and programming in general

read_who = file('who.ini', 'r')
who =

read_what = file('what.ini', 'r')
what =

read_end = file('end.ini', 'r')
end =

read_because = file('because.ini', 'r')
because =

read_the = file('the.ini', 'r')
da =

read_period = file('punc.ini', 'r')
period =
prd =

read_nouns = file('nouns.ini', 'r')
nouns =

read_verbs = file('verbs.ini', 'r')
verbs =

read_pastverbs = file('pastverbs.ini', 'r')
pastverbs =

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