Freesoftware for auto/intelligent code completing in Python

Ivan Ven Osdel ivan at
Wed Jul 2 19:55:35 CEST 2008

The free Python editors/IDEs really do need work as far as code completion goes but I am hopeful. 

IMO Stani's Python Editor comes closest by providing some code sense through a combination of history and doc strings for Python built-ins. Where it falls short is the ability to scan doc strings for your own code and non built-in modules in the Python path. Python already has the ground work in place to accomplish something similar to VS's XML commenting/intellisense system. With a Python interpretor you can type help(myModule) and get the doc string documentation. So I imagine implementing code sense for code being developed as well as non built-in modules would just be a matter of finding the appropriate module at the right time and piping the output of help([module]) to a popup window.

If your willing to help work on something like that I suggest contacting Stani directly or creating a plugin for Geany

Ivan Ven Osdel
Software Engineer

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On Jul 1, 12:15 am, Fuzzyman <fuzzy... at> wrote:
> On Jun 30, 10:46 pm, Ali Servet Dönmez <a... at> wrote:
> > I don't want to be so mean here, but how hard it could be be writing a
> > freesoftware which would automatically/intelligently auto complete
> > Python code? (I mean something that really does the job, like
> > Microsoft's Visual Studio or Sun's NetBeans or something else, you
> > name it, but just don't give me PyDev please...)
> > This could be an extension, a plugin, an Emacs mode, a new editor or
> > even a brand new huge all-fancy IDE, I don't care, but what am I
> > missing here?
> > Could someone please point me out something that I'm really missing
> > which is already present in the wild, otherwise I'd like discuss with
> > whoever is willing to help me to get this thing done. I made my mind
> > and I could volunteer to make this happen as thesis project for my
> > incoming graduation in the next year.
> > Regards you all,
> > Ali Servet Dönmez
> Vim, Emacs, Wing, Komodo, ... more?
> Yeah, I guess you're missing something. :-)
> Michael Foord

I've checkout Wing IDE's license and it doesnt' seem to be a
freesoftware; am I wrong?

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