variable expansion with sqlite

marc wyburn marc.wyburn at
Wed Jul 30 07:45:50 EDT 2008

Hi I'm using SQlite and the CSV module and trying to create a class
that converts data from CSV file into a SQLite table.

My script curently uses functions for everything and I'm trying to
improve my class programming.  The problem I'm having is with variable

self.cursor.executemany('INSERT INTO test VALUES (?)', CSVinput)

If CSVinput is a tuple with only 1 value, everything is fine.  If I
want to use a tuple with more than 1 value, I need to add more
question marks.  As I'm writing a class I don't want to hard code a
specific number of ?s into the INSERT statement.

The two solutions I can think of are;
using python subsitution to create a number of question marks, but
this seems very dirty
finding someway to substitue tuples or lists into the statement - I'm
not sure if this should be done using Python or SQLite substitution

Any tips on where to start looking?

Thanks, Marc.

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