imaplib -- can't read body

Sells, Fred fred.sells at
Fri Jul 11 20:20:36 CEST 2008

I'm trying to read mail using the imaplib module.  I can get the subject and date, but not the body, have not found any example on how to do that and I don't know much about imap.  Here's what I have, working as noted...

If anyone can show me what I'm missing in order to get the body of a mail message, that would be greatly appreciated,

------------------- code starts below-------------------------------

import imaplib, sys, os, re, rfc822

OK = "OK"


### got inemsg from the web, works up to the last line; msg.fp has no read and readline returns empty string.
class inemsg:
    def __init__(self,msg):
        (self.msgfromname, self.msgfrom) = msg.getaddr('from')
        self.msgto = msg.getaddr('to')
        self.msgsubject = msg.getheader('subject')
        self.msgdate = msg.getheader('date')
        self.msgtext =

class msg: # a file-like object for passing a string to rfc822.Message
    def __init__(self, text):
        self.lines = text.split('\015\012')
    def readline(self):
        try: return self.lines.pop() + '\n'
        except: return ''
class MailReader:
    def __init__(self, mailserver, user, password):
        self.M = imaplib.IMAP4(mailserver)
        self.M.login(user, password)
        result, message =
        print ( 'constructor', result, message)
        if result != OK: raise Exception, message
    def getMessages(self, *mailboxes):
        if mailboxes:
            filter = '(%s)' % ' '.join(list(mailboxes))
            filter = '(UNSEEN UNDELETED)'
        mtype, data =, filter )
        print ('getMessages', mtype, data)
        for num in data[0].split():
            f = self.M.fetch(num, FETCHTHIS)
            print ('fetch', f)
            m = rfc822.Message(msg(f[1][0][1]), 0)
            subject = m['subject']
            fromaddr = m.getaddr('from')
            if fromaddr[0]=='': n = fromaddr[1]
            else: n=fromaddr[0]
            print (subject, fromaddr) 
	return None   #no reason to return until I can get the message content/body.   
if __name__=='__main__':
    x = MailReader("myserver", "myuser", "mypassword")
    messages = x.getMessages()
    print messages

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