interpretation of special characters in Python

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Mon Jul 7 07:32:42 CEST 2008

Peter Pearson wrote:

Thanks for your answer.

> When you run echo, it recognizes the 4-character "esc" as a
> convention for representing a single character, and performs
> the re-interpretation for you.  When you tell python
> "print '\033[30;44m foo \033[0m'", python interprets
> the "\033" as a single character.

So, the python print command *can* interpret these 4-character as a single
character. It would be odd if there were no possibility to do the same
thing when the characters are (i) stored in a python variable, or (ii) come
from the environment variables. Does anybody know any way to re-interpret a
string in Python? I have tried to play with "eval" (as in bash), but it
does not yield anything.

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