Why is there no GUI-tools like this for Windows?

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 09:56:51 CEST 2008

Marcus.CM wrote:

> So python for me is for anything except GUI. It becomes self rejecting 
> notion to do GUI in python when you type in those stuff that could have 
> been handled by an IDE,
> thus for linux project i just do the web interface + php and let python 
> do all the other hard core work.

This is probably exactly backwards of how I think of it.  Python is
ideally suited for creating and driving GUIs, things that dispatch work
to libraries and routines that do the real work.  This is known as the
separation of the user interface from the backend business logic.  While
I feel python is equally good at backend processing as it as front-end
stuff, many folks feel that Python may be too slow for certain kinds of
data processing.  Therefore by that logic, python only makes sense on
the front end.

To the original poster, get yourself this package:


Then google around for getting PyGTK working on Win32 and you're in
business.  Don't use glade's code-generation tools; they are obsolete.
Instead use the glade xml file and the libglade or GTK Builder python
bindings for GTK to load and create the GUIs on the fly.

Personally I think that designing good-looking guis in Python using
wxWidgets, PyGTK or PyQT in plain code is very fast and very easy.  In
fact I think that GUI builders are somewhat overrated as they cannot
possibly cope with a GUI that will display data dynamically, or use
custom widgets.

That said, check out PyQT (definitely available on windows) and Qt's
Designer.  It pretty much blows glade and anything else I've seen out of
the water.

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