Cross Compiler for Python?

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Mon Jul 7 19:57:14 CEST 2008

On Mon, 7 Jul 2008 10:15:59 +0200, Hendrik van Rooyen <mail at> wrote:
> Up to now, I have been innocently using the vanilla python
> that comes with the Linux distribution (Suse in my case).
> For the past few days, I have been playing with a little
> device called an eBox - it is basically a 486 with 128Mb
> memory, and a 1Gig pcmcia flash drive.
> We want to try to use this as an industrial controller, so
> I want to load python onto it.
> So I downloaded the sources, and got them into the box,
> over its ethernet connection.
> Then I got stymied - the configure script will not run, 
> because the "distribution" has no C compiler - it is 
> basically a kernel, and Busybox, with precious little else.

This is a special case of a more general, non-Python problem which you
will have to address if you want to build an industrial controller.

If your target has no C compiler[1], you have to set up a cross-compiling
environment.  I'd be surprised if the eBox doesn't come with
documentation covering this.

If there are special procedures and requirements for cross-compiling
Python (someone else indicated there are), I guess the Python
installation notes must cover this in a general way.


[1] Or even if it has one. It is much more convenient to build in your
    normal work environment where you have plenty of disk, CPU and RAM,
    a good text editor, version control, Perl ...

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