how to create GUI dynamically

Peter Wang misterwang at
Mon Jul 21 18:58:46 CEST 2008

On Jul 21, 8:19 am, hitechpun... at wrote:
> Hi;
> i m working on a project where i need  run time creation of GUI.
> i have some no. of entities for which i want checkboxes in front of
> them which can be checked/ unchecked by user.
> But the problem is that the number and name of entities is not fixed
> and it depends on the file which is used as input.
> So is there any way to tackle this problem.
> By the way ; i use Boa constructor (zope editor) for GUI now.
> regards
> pawan pundir

You should check out Traits and Traits UI:

It allows you to dynamically create views and UIs in an easy,
declarative manner.  It is also powerful enough to build much more
complex interactions and dialogs.  It currently supports both WX and
Qt toolkits.


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