write unsigned integer 32 bits to socket

Alan Franzoni alan.franzoni.blahblah at example.com.invalid
Mon Jul 28 10:02:42 CEST 2008

Michael Torrie was kind enough to say:

> Of course any time you send coherent numbers over the network, I highly
> recommend you use what's called network byte order.  In C, you'd use the
>  htonl() call, and then when pulling it off the wire on the other end
> you'd use ntohl().  If you don't then you will have problems when the
> endianness is different between the hosts.  Standard convention (even in
> the MS word) is to use big-ending across the network.  I'm sure python
> has some convention in the struct module for dealing with this.

Not in the struct module; such functions are available in the socket
module, and should be employed indeed.

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