Python parsing iTunes XML/COM

william tanksley wtanksleyjr at
Thu Jul 31 15:54:59 CEST 2008

John Machin <sjmac... at> wrote:
> william tanksley <wtanksle... at> wrote:
> > "Buffett Time - Annual Shareholders\xc2\xa0L.mp3"
> > 1. This isn't Unicode; it's missing the u"" (I printed using repr).
> > 2. It's got the UTF-8 bytes there in the middle.
> > In addition to the above results,

> *WHAT* results? I don't see any repr() output, just your
> interpretation of what you think you saw!

That *is* the repr. I said it's the repr, and it IS. It's not an
interpretation; it's a screenscrape. Really, truly. If I paste it in
again it'll look the same.

What do you want? Can I post something that will convince you it's a

Oh well. You guys have been immensely helpful; my mental model of how
Python works was vastly backwards, so it's a relief to get it
corrected. Thanks to that, I was able to hack my code into working. I
wish I could get entirely correct behavior, but at this point the
miscommunication is too strong. I'll settle for the hack I've got now,
and hope iTunes doesn't ever change its XML encoding (hey, I think
I've got cause to be optimistic).


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