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Wed Jul 2 17:49:31 CEST 2008

Cédric Lucantis <omer at> wrote:

> Here self is only a local variable and its meaning is only a convention. So
> assigning it to a new value won't change the object itself (and is not a good
> idea as it may be confusing for the reader).

Thanks, i was thinking about something like that.

> You should either use a static method which returns a new object:
> class Prefs (object) :
>       def save (self, f) :
>               pickle.dump(self, f)
>       @staticmethod
>       def load (f) :
>               return pickle.load(f)
> and load it with "prefs = Prefs.load(filename)"
> or store all the values in a dictionary and only pickle this object:
> class Prefs (object) :
>       def __init__ (self) :
>               self.values = { 'test': 1, ... }
>       def save (self, f) :
>               pickle.dump(self.values, f)
>       def load (self, f) :
>               self.values = pickle.load(f)

I try the staticmethod, it works fine. Very helpful.

But i don't like it very much, it seems 'complicated' (python was
supposed to be simple). I'll also try the dictionnary method.
My final idea was that a dictionnary would be perhaps simple in the
future to save/load as XML and a parser.

But perhaps i'm wrong with my vision of python.

On a more global perspective, what are the best method to implement a
simple config file with pyhton. Assuming i finally want to made a bundle
app for Mac, Windows and perhaps Linux.

I develop on Mac, and on this platform the config fil (preferences) have
to be stored in a special directory : ~/Library/Preferences, no problem.
But on other platform that's not the same directory and perhaps i would
also faced to permissions issues...
But first is there a way to determine on which platfrom the python
script is running ?

Pierre-Alain Dorange

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