Daemonize an application.

Robert Rawlins robert.rawlins at thinkbluemedia.co.uk
Mon Jul 21 13:10:53 CEST 2008



I've been looking to run one of my applications as a Deamon on a linux based
system. I've been looking at this recipe this morning and it all looks
relatively fine:




I just noted that the recipe was written 5 years ago and thought I would see
if there have been any progressions in Python which allow a more native
approach to forking my application as a daemon?


I essentially want to add a command line parameter "--as-daemon" to my
application which would fork it as a daemon instead of running it as a
standard python script, I also want to ensure that stdin/out/err are all
configured in a way which means any exceptions thrown by the application or
data output to the command line, which I haven't foreseen will be stored in
a log file for review.


I'd really appreciate your advice and experience.





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