pydev and psycopg2 - weird behaviour

RossGK Ross at nomail.spam.thanks
Fri Jul 4 21:37:31 CEST 2008

I've been using pydev for a short while successfully, and Django with 
postgresql as well.  psycopg2 is part of that behind the scenes I would 
imagine, to make django work.

Now I'm trying to use psycopg2 in a non-Django program, I'm seeing some 
weird behaviour

My "import psycopg2" is tagged in pyDev (eclipse) as "Unresolved Import: 

But when I run my code anyway, I seem to connect to the postgresql DB 
okay.  If I remove the import, and try it, it fails.

So it seems to use it, but thinks it's unresolved.  Any idea what's 
going on there?

Just to be sure it's installed right, I reinstalled with no change. I 
also opened a python shell (cmd window in winXP environment) and on the 
command line issued a psycopg2 connect request which succeeds as well. 
So it mostly seems to be an erroneous report from pydev that it can't 
resolve psycopg2 when it apparently can?

Your input appreciated...


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