Why is there no GUI-tools like this for Windows?

Marcus.CM marcus at internetnowasp.net
Sun Jul 13 04:43:29 CEST 2008


Coming from a windows world i could understand this. For GUI, there is 
nothing near the power of the Visual Studio, this is especially true 
since C#.
So python for me is for anything except GUI. It becomes self rejecting 
notion to do GUI in python when you type in those stuff that could have 
been handled by an IDE,
thus for linux project i just do the web interface + php and let python 
do all the other hard core work.

But looking at the video, i think if they could do this for ruby, then 
the python community should be able to come out with a similar one. 
There is something called BOA i read somewhere but its having
some kind of compatibility problem with newer versions of wxpyhon.

(;-) i didnt really manage to see that video it took forever to load, 
but the comments gave enuf hints).


maestro wrote:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXpwC1o5AcI
> I have done some GUI-programming for windows with Python but the
> Tkinter interface sucked and while it is the only one I tried I got
> the impression they are all the same.
> It's amazing how retarded a lot of the stuff programmers do is.
> Watcing that video, that is how it should be.
> I can just do the layout with my mouse and then there is a program
> that writes the code for me.
> GUI-programming is hard for no reason. One good program then forever
> easy...
> Is there not something like this for Python/Windows? Is the Linux one
> only for ruby or for any language?
> Oh well im switching to Linux anyway and mostly write webapps but
> still...
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