Autocompletion and Interactive Tables in a Python IDE

Aspersieman aspersieman at
Thu Jul 24 10:10:29 CEST 2008

Anthony wrote:
> Hi, I'm a FoxPro programmer, but I want to learn python before it's
> too late.  I do a lot of statistical programming, so I import SPSS
> into python.  In my opinion, the best features of Visual FoxPro 9.0
> were:
> a) Intellisense (tells you what classes/methods are available and what
> variables go into a function)
> b) Code Completion (guesses your code after four letters)
> c) Data-Orientation; multiple data sessions can be open, data can be
> viewed easily
> Python's IDLE has only half of the first of these features.  I did a
> lot of searching and found the PyDev extensions for Eclipse's Python
> IDE, and found that they've got Intellisense.  I'm still missing b and
> c, and am getting extremely frustrated programming so slowly..
> So two questions:
> Is there any package, gui, IDE, anything that will do FoxPro-style
> code completion?  If it works in Eclipse, even better..
> I can't find a good screenshot, but here's a better description:
> You type "BROW" and it pops up a window that says "BROWSE" this
> point if you hit enter it completes the word..
> and
> How can I view open SPSS data in one of the Python GUIs?  Again,
> Eclipse would be the preference.
> Here's an example of how I'd like to browse the data:
> I don't want to have to switch back and forth between Python and SPSS
> while I'm programming; I just want to stay in one of them..
> What can I do?  I feel extremely inefficient when I don't have these
> three features..
> Thanks in advance.
> --
You might want to try vim. It has a steep learning curve, but definitely
increases productivity _alot_.

Here is a tutorial on setting up vim with :
    1) Code completion (intellisense) - including tooltips (!!!)
    2) Jump between your python code and the python class libraries.
    3) Syntax checking
    4) A handy source browser
    5) Debugging (using pdb)
    6) [All the other vim goodies - already included]
Above instructions available here

I have been using the above setup for a while and find it superior to
_any_ IDE I've ever worked with.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'Data-Orientation' but I'm sure there's a
suitable alternative/replacement for it in vim.




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