Question about: GUI Builder for Tkinter and call to C/C++ code

pauladospublicidad pauladospublicidad at
Fri Jul 11 11:45:00 CEST 2008

First I'll introduce myself. I normally programm in C/C++ and Java.
Sometimes I have to mix them (normally using C/C++ in java, because in
java is easier to make portable graphic user interfaces). However to
use C/C++ code in java is really complex and difficult.

Not too much time ago, I discover python. I had think to use it for
developing portable graphic user intefaces, that will call my C/C++
code / libraries / programs.

I had thought to use tkinter for making the GUIs, for portability and
for not installing anything more than python. It's to say, for not
adding more packages because I'm new in python and I don't now too
much about install new packages.

I have seen that for wxpython there is gui builders (such as boa) but
for tkinter I have not found anyon. I would like to know if anyone
knows a GUI Builder for tkinter in order to develop my GUI's
graphically and in a easier way.

Apart from this, I would like to call my C/C++ code / modulles /
applications from python. I have read that python is implemented
normally in C, so is easy to add new modules from C. I would like to
find any tutorial / manual / link for dummies in order to make this
(call my C code from python).

Another solution could be to call the GUI made in python from C/C++
code, but I'm sure this would be more complex.

To sum up, if anyone knows something about this subjects, about what I
would like to do, I'll appreciate any answer :D


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