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On 2008-07-22, szr <szrRE at szromanMO.comVE> wrote:
> J?rgen Exner wrote:
>> Chris Rathman <Chris.Rathman at> wrote:
>>> I can't say that I see any particular point to the essay.
>> You must be new here. There never is any particular point to
>> Xah Lee's rantings except to cross-post borderline topics to
>> borderline relevant NGs and then lay back and enjoy the
>> ensuing slaughter.
> Admittedly, I'm not all too familiar with his postings, but on
> a general note, isn't it possible that someone else might not
> see it the same as you do? I really didn't see anything really
> sinister about the posting or it's content.

That's the, uh, "beauty" of Xah Lee's posts.  There's enough
"there" there to suck people into what they think is going to
be a conversation.  But it's not really a conversation.  He
doesn't really read (or doesn't comprehend) responses to his
posts and will just continue to ramble on in a somewhat
insulting, half-rational stream of utterly opaque metaphors
that he thinks makes him sound deeply philosphical.  It has
been theorized that he's an AI project.

> It may very well be someone attempting to create a 
> conversation, someone who may not be generally well received a
> lot of the time I gather.

Quite a few people here in c.l.p put forth a a lot of effort
(for Usenet, anyway) trying to have a reasonable exchange with
xah lee, but it seems to be pointless.  He's a perpetual critic
who looks down his nose at everything and thinks he could do
everything better than everybody else (not that he has actually
ever _done_ anything, AFAICT).

> Also, if have such a distaste for his postings, you are free
> to ignore them as well. That said, I am all for alerting
> someone of something which may be a complete waste of their
> time,

It's not a waste of your time if you find him entertaining, but
I wouldn't expect any actual conversation where he reads and
understands your replies and responds to them in a rational

> but in this case it feels like you are projecting your
> own dislike for the OP. Unless the OP really is deserving of
> such branding (in which case I'd stand corrected), I don't
> think it is reason enough to tell others not to read of his
> work just because you aren't particularly fond of it.
> Perhaps citing an actual example illustrating a reason to
> avoid him like the plague would of helped :-)

google groups should be able to find you plenty of examples
both here and in perl groups.

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