running a script with an input file

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Jul 21 09:26:50 CEST 2008

David Bikard wrote:

> I'd like to run a program  so that it reads the input() or raw_input() 
> statements from an input file instead of
> reading from keyboard. I'd also like it to write the print statements in 
> an output file rather than on the screen.
> I'm on windows XP and when I run:
> input_file output_file
> I get an EOF error.
> What should I do to make this work?

Was that supposed to be <input_file >output_file

?  (< and > does i/o redirection; random google link:

If you want to do the same thing from inside the program, you can do:

    import sys

    sys.stdin = open("input_file")
    sys.stdout = open("output_file", "w")

before you start reading or writing stuff.


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