Rotating a cube

Lie Lie.1296 at
Sat Jul 19 11:23:11 CEST 2008

On Jul 17, 3:11 pm, J-Burns <arslanbur... at> wrote:
> On Jul 17, 12:53 pm, Fredrik Lundh <fred... at> wrote:
> > J-Burns wrote:
> > > Is there a built in Python function for this?
> > for answering questions that have nothing to do with programming, and
> > looks quite a bit like homework?  don't think they've added that one yet.
> > maybe you should look for a geometry newsgroup/forum?
> > </F>
> I meant to ask how would you do this in Python... :S

The same as you do it in any other languages. This question is marked
correctly as having no relationship to python whatsoever. You'd get a
better answer if you asked in mathematics/geometry group, many
mathematician are adept programmer as well.

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