Simple Path issues

Brett Ritter swiftone at
Sat Jul 26 14:32:36 EDT 2008

New to Python, and I have some questions on how to best set up a basic
development environment, particular relating to path issues.

Note: I am not root on my development box (which is some flavor of

Where should I develop my own modules so as to refer to them in the
standard way.  I.E. I want:
import proj

to work regardless of my current working directory, and to function as
if "proj" were a core or third-party module.

I saw that I can set PYTHONPATH, but that seems sub-prime.  I noted
that in installing pysqlite (the local installation of python is 2.4)
that I had it install in a lib under my home dir...should I use that

What is the command to tell me what directories python is checking in?

While I'm at it, what is the best (read: standard) locale to stick my
test cases?  same dir as my project?  A subdir?

Thanks in advance

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