python mysteriously halts

Todd goldfita at
Mon Jul 7 15:02:31 CEST 2008

Hello everyone,

I ran a python script last night which connects to a matlab automation
server via DCOM (using win32com).  I expected to see the results when
I came in this morning.  But apparently, not long after I left, python
stopped.  I hit enter in the console, and it started again.  I scoured
the handful of lines of code to see if there was any kind of input
statement put there by accident but couldn't find one.  Furthermore,
I've run this code many times without it pausing.  It's still possible
I've done something boneheaded, but I'm wondering if there is another
reason (e.g. a pause in the win32com module, some kind of timeout
feature if the system is idle, etc.).  thank you

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