Using variables across modules

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Jul 23 21:52:46 CEST 2008

Aaron Scott wrote:

> I'm having some trouble understanding how Python handles variables
> across multiple modules. I've dug through the documentation, but I
> still find myself at a loss.
> When you import a module, are you creating an instance of the
> variables within? For instance, if I have one file, "",
> which contains "myvar = 0", and I import it into both "" and
> "" with the line "from variables import *", and then set myvar
> in "" and "" to different values, will each file have a
> different value for myvar? If so, how can I ensure that a change to
> myvar in "" is reflected by ""? Or am I completely off
> base?

first read this to learn how objects and variables work in Python:

and then read this to learn how from-import works, and when you're 
supposed to use it:

hope this helps!


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