You, spare time and SyntaxError

cokofreedom at cokofreedom at
Wed Jul 9 16:56:04 CEST 2008

def ine(you):
    yourself = "what?"
    go = list("something"), list("anything")
    be = "something"
    please = be, yourself
    yourself = "great"
    for good in yourself:
        if you is good:
            good in you
            please.add(more, good)
        def inition(lacks, clarity):
            if clarity not in you:
                please.remove(everything and go)
    for bad in yourself:
        list(bad) if bad else (ignore, yourself)
        (to, escape, your, fate, but)
    except (Exception), son:
        if bad in (you, son):
            (you is bad, son), so
        if bad in you:
            lie, cheat, steal, be, bad
            print you, "is", yourself
            you is good and yourself is not bad
            please, go


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